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 Jutsu Rules

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PostSubject: Jutsu Rules   Wed Jan 16, 2013 12:44 am

So as anyone that knows anything about Naruto can tell you, Jutsu's are a shinobi's life blood. Their whole fighting style revolves around using the different forms of Jutsu's. Most Shinobi's specialize in a few area's.


Ninjutsu - manipulating your chakra to from an offensive, defensive or supplementary effect.
Genjutsu -manipulating your chakra to fool your opponents senses.
Taijutsu - manipulating your chakra to enhance your own physical abilities.
Nintaijutsu - a mix of physical and chakra techniques
Funinjutsu - a complex art that focus on drawing symbols infused with your chakra to seal something.
Kenjutsu - the art of fighting with a weapon
Medical - manipulating your chakra to either heal another person, or even yourself.
Senjutsu - using the nature chakra around you to help fuel your jutsu, must have a summon.
Puppetry - Using wooden and metal constructs to fight with.

These are the most common specialities that most of the world recognize, but don't think this is the limit new area's can always be found. Specializing in an area has quite a few benefits. Someone who has specialize in an area is stronger in that area then someone who hasn't. Another benefit leads us into another part to the jutsu process.

JP points

This is half the cost to get a jutsu. You start out with twenty points and five free jutsu not counting the basic three(Kawarimi, Henge, and Bunshin). Your free jutsu's have to be C-rank or lower. To get more points, you will need to post in, or make forums to RP in. Every one hundred words in a post is one JP point.

Now on to what I said earlier about specialities benefit. If a Jutsu that is in an area you specialize in is cheaper for you then someone that isn't specialize in that jutsu area. Just subtract five points from the cost(except for E-Rank).

SS-Rank – 60 JP
S-Rank – 50 JP
A-Rank – 40 JP
B-Rank – 30 JP
C-Rank – 20 JP
D-Rank – 10 JP
E-Rank – 5 JP

Like I said earlier that this is only half the process. The other half is the training topic. Each rank has a minimum amount of words that need to be met in the topic.

SS-Rank – 2000 words
S-Rank – 1800 words
A-Rank – 1500 words
B-Rank – 1200 words
C-Rank – 1000 words
D-Rank – 500 words
E-Rank – 300 words

Now jutsu's that have been seen in either the manga or anime can be used. All you need to do is post the name of the jutsu and a link proving it exist. If it doesn't have a confirmed rank, then place one that you believe it fits in. This might be change depending on if the mod feels you misplaced it. Such as if you placed Wood Release: Great Forest Technique as a D-rank when it should be a B or A-Rank.

Custom Jutsu

[b]Name:[/b] (What is the name of your jutsu?)
[b]Rank:[/b] (What rank is your jutsu?)
[b]Type:[/b] (Offensive, Defensive or Supplementary?)
[b]Element:[/b] (What element is required for the jutsu? If any at all.)
[b]Range:[/b] (What is the range of your jutsu?)
[b]Specialty:[/b] (What specialty does this jutsu require?)
[b]Duration:[/b] (If your jutsu has a duration please state it here.)
[b]Cooldown:[/b] (What is the cooldown of your jutsu?)
[b]Description:[/b] (What exactly does the jutsu do? Explain in great detail the effects, advantages, as well as any disadvantages of the jutsu. Details are the key to a fast approval.)

Banned Jutsu

Now while this list will hold many jutsu that may make some mad at having a jutsu that they really want unavailable. Not all of them will stay on this list. They are only here because they have yet to be made. Once the site has progress a bit, some of these jutsu will become availabe.

Genryuu Kyuu Fuujin - Complete Nine Mystical Dragon Seal
Infuuin Kai - Secret Mark Seal Release
Shiki Fuujin - Corpse Spirit Sealing Method
All Chidori Variations
All Rasengan Variations
Edo Tensei - Resurrection to the Impure World
Fushi Tensei - Living Corpse Reincarnation
Kagerou - Mayfly
Kamui - God's Majetsy
Raikiri - Lightning Edge
Souja Sousai no Jutsu - Twin Snake Double Assassination Technique
Souzou Saisei - Creation Rebirth
Madara's Space-Time Jutsu
Ura Shishou - Reverse Four Image Seal
Izanagi - Forefather God
Chidori - Thousand Birds
Hiraishin no Jutsu - Flying Thunder God Technique
Jiongu - Earth Grudge Fear
Jashin Religion
Kagutsuchi - God of Fire
Kishou Tensi - One's Life Resurrection
Raiton no Yoroi - Armor and Variations
Rasengan - Spiralling Sphere
Susanoo - God of the Sea and Storms
Zetsu likeness
Mangekyō Sharingan
Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan
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Jutsu Rules
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